All SD62 elementary schools offer full day Kindergarten for our youngest learners.  Kindergarten students will begin school in the September of the year that they turn five.

As a growing school district, some of our schools are nearing capacity. Visit our Student Enrolment Priorities page to learn more.

NEW – Please note registration for French Immersion Kindergarten and Nature Kindergarten will take place two weeks before General Kindergarten registration. This change will allow families who are not placed in those programs to participate in General Kindergarten registration with ease.

Documentation requirements

We have made updates to our registration procedures and to the type and amount of documents required. Please take a look at our Registration Guide to make sure you have the required documents ready to upload during registration. After online registration is complete, parents have 7 days to present original documents to their neighbourhood school.

How to register:

1. Read the Registration Guide to make sure you have the required documents ready to upload during registration. After online registration is complete, parents have 7 days to present original documents to their neighbourhood school or school of choice in the instance you are hoping to place your child in French Immersion or Nature Kindergarten. We will accept original documents only – no exceptions. Students will not be officially registered until all documentation has been received.

2. Online at registration.sd62.bc.ca.

French Immersion and Nature Kindergarten Registration for the 2020 – 2021 school year:

JANUARY 13 – JANUARY 17, 2020

Beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Register Now


General Kindergarten Registration for the 2020 – 2021 school year:

JANUARY 27 – JANUARY 31, 2020

Beginning at 8:00 a.m.

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For more information about kindergarten, please visit BC Ministry of Education – Full Day Kindergarten.


French Immersion

Visit the French Immersion – Kindergarten page for registration details.

French Immersion kindergarten is available at the following schools:

Nature Kindergarten

Visit the Nature Kindergarten page for registration details. 

Nature Kindergarten is available at the following schools:

Parents must attend a Nature K information session prior to registration (mandatory). For a list of dates, please visit the Nature Kindergarten page.

For more information and to find out if Nature K is right for your child, please visit: Nature Kindergarten – Learning Outside the Box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register my child in Kindergarten

No. It’s considered by the Ministry of Education as an optional program. As well, parents can defer Kindergarten for one year.

Can my child attend a school other than our neighbourhood school?

Yes, if there is space in the preferred school. If you would like your child to attend a school other than your catchment school, you must:

  1. Register for your catchment school
  2. Complete a School Change Request form online.
I filled out a registration form and an out-of-catchment request form. Does this mean my child will go to the school I've requested?

Not necessarily. Only after a school’s space and resource capabilities have been determined will new “cross boundary” transfer students be approved. Please note: If you are approved, there is no guarantee that you can stay at that school in subsequent years. In-catchment students always have priority. School bussing is also not always possible for students who attend a school outside of their catchment.

I put my registration form in before another family who has already heard their child is accepted. Why haven't I been called?

Student Enrolment Priorities are taken into account and approved based on the following:

  1. re-enrolling students
  2. a catchment area sibling
  3. a catchment area child
  4. a non-catchment sibling
  5. a non-catchment child
  6. a non-school district child
Is the registration lottery for all kindergarten registrations at all schools?

No. A lottery will only take place for French Immersion or Nature Kindergarten if a school receives more registrations than the number of available seats.

How does the lottery work?

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions on either the French Immersion – Kindergarten page or the Nature Kindergarten page.

Is the lottery for all new registrations in all grades?

No. The lottery will only take place for new kindergarten registrations in either French Immersion of Nature Kindergarten if there are more registrations than there are available seats.

When will I know if my child is accepted as an out-of-catchment student?

Depending upon the school and the number of out-of-catchment requests, every attempt will be made to notify you by the end of June. Decisions will be based on space and resource capabilities and take into account the Student Enrolment Priorities.

Doesn't the Ministry of Education say parents can register children at their school of choice?

No. The BC School Act, Division 1, Section 2(2) says “a person may enroll in an educational program provided by a board of the school district and attend any school in British Columbia if

  1. the person is of school age,
  2. the person is a resident in British Columbia, and
  3. the board providing the educational program determines that space and facilities are available for the person at the school in which the educational program is made available.
If my request to have my child attend a different school is approved, will bussing be provided?

District policy states that school bus transportation is not guaranteed for students who choose to attend a school other than their catchment school. Bussing may be available if there is already an established route and there is space available. Priority will be given to students that are out-of-catchment because their school is full.

Who will let me know if my out-of-catchment area request has been approved.

The receiving school will let you know once a decision has been made. Requests will be considered if there is space. If at any time you change your mind and wish to attend the neighbourhood school in your catchment area, please contact BOTH schools as soon as possible to let them know.

Can I return to my catchment area school at any time if I transfer to an out-of-catchment area school?

Returning to your catchment area school during the school year will only occur if there is space. At the commencement of the school year, Student Enrolment Priorities will apply.

If the district cannot accommodate me at my catchment area school and my child has to go to a school out-of-catchment, will my child be able to return to our catchment school if space opens up?

You will have first priority to return to your catchment area school when space is available.

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