Earn college course credits while in still in secondary school!

There are many ways for students to challenge themselves, pursue excellence and get a head start on their post secondary education. These courses provide students with an opportunity to push themselves and work at an advanced level.

Advanced Placement (AP) offers college/university level courses to high school students. Once students complete the AP course and score well on the College Board AP exam, they can receive university/college credit for that course. (It is up to the student to research which courses are accepted by the institution of choice)

Dual Credit courses allow high school students to take Camosun College courses while in Grade 12 and have the school district pay the tuition. Students earn both high school credit and college credit for these courses.


Grade 9 course offerings:

English 9 Pre-AP

Social Studies 9 Pre-AP

Math 9 Advanced

Science 9 Advanced


Grade 10 course offerings:

Visual Arts 10 Pre-AP

English 10 Pre-AP

French 10 Pre-AP

Math 10 Pre-AP

Pre-Calculus 10 Pre-AP

Social Studies 10 Pre-AP

Science 10 Advanced


Grade 11 course offerings:

Visual Arts 11 Pre-AP

English 11 Pre-AP

French 11 Pre-AP

Pre-Calculus 11 Pre-AP

Socials Studies 11 Pre-AP


Grade 12 course offerings:

Advanced Placement

Studio Art: 2D Design AP

Studio Art: 3D Design AP

Studio Art: Drawing AP

English Language & Composition 12 AP

English Literature 12 AP

French 12 AP

Music and Theory AP

European History AP


Dual Credit (in conjunction with Camosun College)

Accounting 12/ Accounting 110

Marketing 12/ Marketing 110

Calculus 12/ Math 100

Law 12/ Criminology 154

Psychology 12/ Psychology 130

Human Anatomy 12/ Biology 150 (pre req. English 12 & Biology 12 with C+)

Evolution and Biodiversity 12/ Biology 124 (pre req. English 12 & Biology 12 with C +)

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