Graduate with a global set of skills! Open to students in Grades 10-12, the Global & Intercultural Skills Program (GISP) guides students through a pathway of special interests and experiences. Upon graduation, students will receive district and ministry recognition of a unique skill set that goes beyond the regular graduation program.

Goal: Strong global competence in our interconnected world

During the three stages of this program, students will be encouraged to focus on student-centered learning, creativity and critical thinking. Components include intercultural volunteer experiences, a minimum of 2 language courses, intercultural assignments or projects derived from regular classes and finally, reflection, creation of a portfolio and a final project.

As a BC Ministry of Education pilot program taking place in only six school districts province-wide, GISP promotes the development of global and intercultural competencies. Students select and reflect upon their experiences, guiding them towards a final project in Grade 12.

Check out the Global & Intercultural Skills Program Brochure for more information.

During this program, students will gain:

  • Experience with flexible and personal challenges
  • Connections to future opportunities and adventures
  • School relevance to the wider world
  • A wider perspective to new ideas
  • Creativity, entrepreneurship and readiness for the adult world
  • A special distinction upon graduation

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Sooke School District

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