The Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) will be given to all Grade 4 and 7 students throughout the province in January and February, 2015. The FSA is a set of tests in reading, writing and numeracy that measure important skills set out in the BC curriculum. The Grade 4 tests, for example, cover skills taught from the start of the primary years through to the beginning of Grade 4. This assessment is only one of many in dictators of how a child is doing in relation to provincial learning outcomes, with the most important measures being those described on your child’s report card. The FSA provides a snapshot of student achievement at a specific point in time.The FSA will include written and online tests. Multiple choice questions for numeracy and reading will be online and held in the school computer lab with the written component completed in the classroom.Principals will notify parents of any student whose Individual Education Plan documents a rationale for exclusion from the FSA.Parents may request that Principals excuse their children from the FSA only in the event of family emergency, extended illness or extenuating circumstances.

Students who do not take part in one or more of the components of FSA will be scored as “performance level unknown”. Please contact your school Principal if you have any questions.

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